by - 8/08/2020

Quite a lot of gents have cold feet when it comes to pink. Pink is generally seen as a lady's colour, making gents shy away from it. Also it is not always easy to pull off pink as a guy. Luckily, I don't have any problem with pink, I have actually styled it in a few ways in the past and with other colours as well.

I got my pink suit from New look a little over a year ago, I didn't have enough time to style it last summer. I think pink is mainly a summer colour, because of the vibrance it exudes. 

For my summer look, I went for a monochrome. The pink shirt is a lighter shade of pink, which makes it work perfectly. I cannot describe the comfort and beauty of the shirt from River Island. 

Suit/ New Look, Trouser/ New Look, Shirt/ River Island, Shoe/ Topman

Thanks for passing by...CHEERS!!!

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