by - 3/30/2020

Photography Ida Pap

Some people say the outfit reminds them of blade. I like the double breasted leather jacket, for me it was a must buy. I love animals and all that but a good ole quality leather jacket is always welcomed. I have always wanted one of these and I finally have one. The jacket was one Zara's autumn and winter collection of 2019.

A monochrome outfit was the first fit I wanted with the jacket, because it is simple, easy and fun. The jacket can be paired in a lot ways, I hope to share my other outfits sometime. It is always good to add a bit of flair to a monochrome outfit so it doesn't get boring.

Coat/ Zara, Turtle neck/ Hugo Boss, Jeans/ Topman, Boots/ Ambitious 

Thanks for passing by...CHEERS!

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