by - 1/26/2019

Photography by Freddie Lang

I'm sure we have all heard the 'new year new me' phrase which is very annoying to me.

I have never been one to make new year resolutions, I have seen a lot of people make them and lose track before the end of January. I like to see the new year as a continuation of time, nothing new. I make my resolutions anytime I want within the year and I try my best to carry them out.

In this write up, I will share a few changes I want to make in my personal style. There is a saying that "wine gets better with age"

1) Less suits:

I have come to discover that I suit up a lot. I made this discovery on my own and other people around me have also said something similar. I can't apologise for that, I love suits and I believe it looks good on me. 

2) Trying out more looks:

I am very lucky, because I look good in most outfits. I just always fall back to my comfort zone which is suiting up. I will make a conscious effort to try different looks.

3) Shopping:

I actually started working on this sometime ago. My attitude towards shopping has changed significantly. Now I buy important pieces that will be of actual use and not just because I like them. I wrote an article about shopping previously, you can check it out here. You need to separate need from want 

4) Fashion events:

People who know me know that I don't like events. I have decided to attend more fashion events, I already made this decision a while ago and attended the 2018 London fashion week. Looking to attend more events in future.

5) Quality over quantity:

Speaking from experience, quality trumps quantity anytime. I will try to invest more in quality pieces that will last the test of time. 

Turtleneck/ RiverIslandCoat/ Asos, Trouser/ Topman, Boot/ Zara, Scarf/ Zara

Thank you for reading!

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