by - 12/15/2018

Photography by Petro

The general notion is that guys are less interested in colors. Gents like to play safe and go for neutral colors. Neutral is a safe zone for everyone, I like playing with colors but sometimes I resign to neutral colors as well. 

Neutral colors are colors that work well with other colors. Most people assume neutral colors are limited to just white, grey and black. However, brown and blue can be neutral colors as well. Although I consider only navy blue a neutral color, because there are other sub types of blue.

Every gent should have these basic neutrals in their wardrobe; a navy, black and brown trousers. Navy blue, grey and black jackets are also essential. At least two white shirts of which one should have a space for cuff links and a black shirt. 

Neutrals also come in handy in certain situations such as; dates, weddings and other formal events.

Thank you for reading!

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