by - 7/20/2018

There are some outdoor activities I never knew I could do, mostly because I felt I would be too scared to do them. In Bukovel, I had the opportunity to do quite a few of them. Bukovel is a ski resort, located by the Carpathian mountain. From what I heard it is a place to be in winter, but I enjoyed it this summer. I had the opportunity to do a lot of activities. I captured a few of them and decided to share it.

Rafting was one of the most interesting activities I did. I was a bit scared partly because I couldn't swim, but the instructor gave us some safety guides and the ride was turbulent but interesting.

Zip lining was also fun, it wasn't as scary as I thought. Although at the beginning I was a bit shaky.  

Extreme park was really extreme, there is a back story to this one. We went for the extreme park after the zip lining so my friend made us go for the hard level of the extreme park, because it probably won't be so bad since the zip lining was not bad (P.s, she was wrong). So I was the first to start but along the way we found out it was a death trap and we all got off. Only one of us was able to finish the hard level. We all went for the medium and that was the one I completed. It was a very funny and interesting experience.
I wasn't intrigued by the upside down house. It was an amazing view though, but there were a lot of people in a small space at the same time. I was not able to get good pictures. It is basically a house with everything upside down. 

The last activity was the jeeping. It was a very interesting experience, we drove to the mountain through rugged roads with broken rock pieces. The view from the top was out of sight

Thanks for passing by...CHEERS 

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  1. Amazing place, it looks you had a great time!!