by - 6/16/2018

It is that time of the year to whip out your prints and bold colors because summer is here. Mercy of GET DRESSED WITH LAYO and I teamed up for this post, which is inspired by spring and summer. Prints are "YUGE" this season. I like them, although I have to admit that I am lagging behind on that. I used to have a lot, but as I got older I focused on less patterned pieces. 

In my opinion summer and spring are like brother and sister, with spring being the troublesome one because of the messy rain and bipolar weather that comes with it. Albeit, fashion wise they are very similar. The misconception about prints is that it is only for the beach. I hate to spoil the party fam, a button down floral shirt  can totally nail your suit game.

Thanks for passing by...CHEERS!

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