by - 5/26/2018

I know I have been quiet for a while, life has been in the way and I had a lot of important things I needed to focus on. My blog is equally important, but there comes a time when you need to prioritize. Good thing is, I'm back and I have a lot of good things to share in the coming days.

I would have said summer is here, but the cold and rain I experienced in the past week was spring saying I'm not done yet. With spring comes colors and I mean bold colors, I talked about this in my previous post. I looked at my Instagram feed recently and all I could see was either black or brown, everything was dim and so I decided to turn it up a bit.

As I grow older, I have noticed that things that meant so much to me don't mean so much anymore, and things I cared less about are beginning to make sense. For example, I have had this suit for at least three years and I have probably worn it less than four times. But as I wore it for this shoot, I fell in love with it over again and I kept asking myself why I neglected it all along. It has a perfect blend with my "Mickey Mouse tie of many colors" and the blue spring sky.

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