by - 4/24/2018

I noticed that I have been dressing up based on my mood and feelings recently. Previously, I consider what people would say, "if it's too much, or if it's weird, or whatever opinion people around me would have. I have decided to care less about all of that. I can't pick out a style that I like best or looks better on me. I like to try on everything whether it is trending or not; if I feel comfortable and it looks good for the occasion, I'm good to go.
I love the retro vibe, because it is authentic. If you have noticed retro vibes are coming back, designers are incorporating it into modern styles, which is really nice.

Style is a personal thing, everyone needs to know that. Trends come and go and I am actually surprised at the rate at which it changes. A trend could last for just 5 months, you can loose yourself trying to keep up. Stick to what you love and not what others are saying or what others expect from you. Self confidence is key, you build your confidence by learning to stand on your own no matter the external force on your path. 

Thanks for passing by...CHEERS!

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