by - 3/17/2018

I have been busy for a while, which made it difficult for me to put up this post about my second day at the London fashion week festival 2018. The second day was fun as well, I was able to meet and take photos with other fashion enthusiasts. I also went through the exhibition for sale unfortunately, virtually everything was for the ladies. I could only find one male stand. I always complain when I go into stores because about 85 percent of the store is just for the ladies. 

For the second day, I relied on brown which has not failed me recently. I wore a double breasted suit which I just recently got. I like the fabric of the suit, the details and color combination of the fabric makes it versatile. I matched it with a burgundy turtle neck and a matching burgundy monk strap shoe. I used to be the hat guy, but recently it hasn't been my thing, I guess the reason is because it messes up my hair.

Thanks for passing by...CHEERS!

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