by - 12/29/2017

It’s been a wonderful year and I am grateful for everything, both good and bad. I have grown a lot in many ways, my blog has also grown. This year, I had the opportunity to travel and to explore other parts of the world. Next year is also very promising, I will graduate as a medical doctor, after a  lengthy six year course. I am looking forward to it and I hope you are as well.

Personally, I like cropped jeans. My friends are not with me on that , actually a lot of guys don’t fancy it. You don’t blame me, I like vintage vibes. Depending on the look you want, you can style your cropped jeans anyway you want to. I always go for a retro look, I wear long socks with sneakers or Chelsea boots, depending on the look and I keep my top tucked in. For this post, I wore a black turtleneck top tucked in my cropped jeans, long black socks and Chelsea boots; which is a perfect winter look. So gents don’t be afraid to get your cropped jeans groove on and wear it with confidence. 

Thanks for passing by...CHEERS! 

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