by - 12/09/2017

Proper color coordination can help your outfit glow if it’s boring, or tone it down a bit if it’s too loud. The most expensive clothes in the world will not look good if they’re not matching.  Color coordination should never be overlooked by gents. Wearing the right colors is just as important in an outfit as proper fit, as colors have the ability to make or break an outfit. They can make a man look boring or they can make a man look loud. Some might say that coordinating colors in an outfit is a science. To an extent, it might be, but the most important thing about clothing is how you feel. Some people prefer to use the color wheel, but for me looking at two different colors I am able to know if they go with each other.

The mix of pink and grey is so beautiful, I never thought of it until I saw the tie, then the whole outfit came together. I love pink, but it can be intimidating if you don't know the right way to wear it. Above all, confidence is key, you should trust yourself and own the look.

Blazer/ Asos, Shirt/ Cedar wood, Trouser/ Risach, Shoe/ Zara, Socks/ Topman

Thanks for passing by...CHEERS!

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