by - 10/13/2017

This is a belated post, I was supposed to post it some weeks ago, but I have been busy and I haven't had the opportunity to post. But I am back and better. 

In one of my previous posts on African fashion, I emphasised my love for African fashion, especially Ankara prints. Recently, a lot of bloggers including foreign bloggers and celebrities have started incorporating African prints into their everyday fashion. Personally, I love how versatile African prints are, you can mix them with other prints or match them with any colour on the print.

I made shorts out of my Ankara. I paired it with a linen blazer and a low neck top. I love how free and comfy the outfit is. You can wear your Ankara short any way you want to, either with a blazer like I did or with a shirt or top, which matches the Ankara.
Photography by Avangard Photography

Thanks for passing by...CHEERS!

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