by - 9/16/2017

I always wanted a brown leather bag, each one I saw was always very expensive and out of reach. I kept hoping one day I would find one for me, and guess what? It found me. GAMISS sent me this lovely bag. It is actually better than all the ones I saw previously. This brown bag from GAMISS is a multipurpose bag, good quality, and can carry more than enough. I partnered with GAMISS in a previous post, they have a variety of affordable and quality products, you can be sure to check it out.

I traveled recently with the bag and it was a good companion, really came in handy. The bag is inexpensive, good quality and durable. I am very proud to own one.

Dungree/Bershka, Top/Topman, Bag/Gamiss, Cap/Bershka, Sneakers/Adidas 

Thanks for passing by...CHEERS!

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