by - 9/24/2017

I traveled to Budapest earlier this month for an assembly. It was the autumn assembly of the European Medical Students Association (EMSA). The assembly took place at the Semmelweis university, Budapest. 

If I were to choose where to travel to this summer, Budapest would not have been in the top three. I always wondered why Budapest was a tourist hub. On getting there, I got to understand why. It is a beautiful city with lovely ancient buildings and historical landmarks. The people are friendly and most of them if not all speak English, making it very easy to communicate.

I really had a good time in Budapest, I would love to go back someday. Below are some pictures of the trip, I hope you enjoy it.
Parliament at Night
Parliament daytime
The liberty bridge
View of the Castle from the chain bridge
The Castle at night
Opening Ceremony

Day 1 of the assembly
Day 2 of the assembly
Twining project
Sight seeing day with Ronald Reagan
Budapest library
View of Danube river and Liberty bridge from the Chain bridge
St. Stephen's basilica
St. Stephen's basilica
St. Stephen's basilica
St. Stephen's basilica
Closing ceremony

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