by - 8/27/2017

This is the first time that I actually visited a zoo. I was never really interested, I felt like whatever I saw on TV or online was same in real time. However, I was in a tourist mood so I went to the zoo. I was actually surprised, the zoo was really big, it had basically most of the animals I knew. My preconceived notion of things being as they are on screen kind of changed but not so much. I got to observe the animals and watch their behavior in real time. I did not get the picture of every animal, but I took a few that I was fascinated about

I am most fascinated about wild cats, I love lions and Tigers, and they were 99 percent responsible for my visit to the zoo. I got to see them last, they are really really big, and they were not that old. I hope to own a cub some day.
 I also visited the Kiev city center, were the maiden revolution took place in 2014. I remember that period, I was in Dubai and I was contemplating on re routing my flight to Nigeria, but at the end of it all, the people's voice was heard and they took back their country.   
The Bear habitat
iPhoneography (7plus)

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