by - 9/16/2017

A print shirt is a classic piece of clothing. Either as a vintage piece or a modern wear, prints will always fit right in. One thing I like about it, is the color variety it brings. It gives you a wide range of colors to match with.

 Fashion and style tend to change as seasons change, prints on the other-hand never go out of season. There is always a way to rock a print shirt in every season. It can be worn casually during the summer with shorts or chino, to the beach or to hang out. For spring and summer, you can match it with a blazer that complements the shirt or with a vest like I did.

I wanted a vintage look, hence the yellow backdrop. My print shirt echoes 70's, soul train style. I matched it with a brown ensemble. I like the way men dressed back in the day, revamping their style and giving it a modern twist will definitely give your wardrobe the charm.
 PHOTOGRAPHY BY Avangard Photography

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