by - 7/16/2017

As an African born and raised in Nigeria, I like our native attire so much. I know a lot of people wouldn't believe me, but I actually do like it as much as I like suiting up, you best believe that lol. The reason why you don't see a lot about native attires on my blog, is because of my location. I will try my best to incorporate it into the blog more often. You can check out a few previous posts at the culture page (here).

My outfit is called dashiki and the cap is called fila, typical for the Yoruba men. Dashiki can be worn to basically any event these days. You can mix match it, you can also wear it with a shirt and jeans or pants. The good thing about African fashion of recent, is that it has become so diverse. The tribe or country of a person doesn't limit the person from wearing another's attire. This is a good thing for Africa and working hand in hand with designers around the continent, great things are happening, thus African fashion is becoming global.

Sandals are typical for native attires, but I prefer loafers. I wore a black louboutin loafers.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Avangard Photography

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