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Looking good in a suit is every man's desire. Choosing the right suit, getting the right fit and matching the ties could prove to be a great feat a times. For basics, a black, navy or grey suit would be a great pick, because they are versatile and go with more colors. 

I have put together a few tips on how to get the best look on your next suit and totally own it.

1) Invest in a good tailor. A good tailored suit gives the person wearing it confidence and that is what is expected of a good looking gent. 
2) When buying a suit, you need to make sure it fits properly. Check the shoulder of the jacket to see  if it rests properly and does not overlap. Also use your finger to check the space between your chest and jacket, it should have some space to access the inner pocket.

3) The first button of a double button suit or the button of a single button suit should always be at or a bit above the navel.

4) Single and double button suits are advisable for a modern look. Always keep the second button unfastened. 

5) Your tie should always complement the color of your suit and pocket square. As a rule, the width of your tie should match that of your jacket lapel. You should also make sure your tie is not longer than the trouser waistband or belt buckle.  
6) A pocket square should complement your outfit, hence it should be well folded so it peeks out of the breast pocket nicely. 

7) Accessories like lapel pin compliment your outfit, however be careful in accessorizing. Make sure it compliments the outfit and doesn't distract. 

8) Always unbutton your suit jacket before sitting down.
9) Make sure your socks go all the way into your trouser when you are seated. Buy socks of proper length, so no extra skin shows when you are seated.

10) The preferable shoe color for everyday wear would be brown or black. Oxfords, brogues or monk strap shoes are the most common shoes to wear with suits. 
11) Your belt for a suit should be thin, preferably it should match your shoe color. I always prefer to use suspenders.
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