by - 3/11/2017

I must say, winter this year seemed like it was never going away. The cold, the snow, the slippery road, it was all too much. Well finally it's over, we can now turn the page and transit to spring. The past few days have been noticeably warm and the nights are getting longer. Spring is not my favorite season because of how messy the roads can be, due to the rain.

Winter was more of layering with wool, thick jackets and scarf. It's time to put all those away and break out your light weight stuff. Transiting to spring could be a little bit tricky, because some days tend to be really warm while the others are really cold. Picking out outfits in the somewhat unpredictable weather that comes with early spring could sometimes be a task. I would advice you carry a scarf in the bag in case the meteorologists disappoint as usual.

A trench coat is a versatile piece, it can be worn as a formal or casual wear and never goes out of style. I paired my trench coat with a black sweater, white shirt, black polka dot tie, a black trouser, a black shoe and a black chiltern bag to go. This is a work outfit inspiration for the everyday business guy. For a casual look I would recommend you let the belt fly.


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