by - 5/20/2016

I was the last person ever going to tie a scarf around my neck. I never liked it for a second. What happened?
I actually got the silk paisley ascot tie, not knowing what it was, wanted to use it for something else, I just loved the pattern on the silk piece and the color combination. Long story short, I got to love the piece, its classy and I love classy. Learnt how to tie it and I was good to go.

Ascot tie is a classic piece, worn in place of a tie with just a shirt or with a suit or blazer. They were worn back then by men. It can be worn with a casual outfit or a formal wear. 

The same tie rules apply to an ascot tie as well, you have to make sure the color and pattern blends with your outfit. One thing I love about the ascot tie is the combination of colors, giving you a wide range of choices.

Mine had a mixture of green and brown, so I paired it with a green blazer, white shirt and plaid pants with green stripes. I accessorized with a brown pocket square

I went with a black shoe and a card patterned green socks.

What are your thoughts? 


Blazer - Risach
Pants - Topman
Ascot tie - Euro shop
Socks - Topman
Shoe - Asos
Lapel pin - Franklyn store

Thanks for passing by! Have a lovely weekend.

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