by - 5/30/2016

Looking good costs some money!
I always ask myself, why are the really cool stuff expensive? the cooler and nicer it gets the more expensive it becomes. I realized you can't eat your cake and have it.

You can still look good and spend less. I like to shop and with time I have learnt some tips which I would like to share, they can help you shop, save and be trendy as well.

  1. BUY WHAT YOU NEED: When I say buy what you need, I mean buy what you know you will use. Trust me I am speaking from experience, buy what you have need for, not because it is simply nice, cheap or on sale. You will end up stacking your wardrobe with things you don't need and by the time you calculate how much you spent on them, you will realize that you could have used the money to get something important which you actually need.
  2. MAKE CONSIDERATIONS: When shopping consider what goes with what you are buying, picture yourself in either the shoe or the cloth. See what and what you can combine it with, don't buy for buying sake and eventually nothing in your wardrobe goes with it and you end up spending more money to buy more stuff. See what I do when shopping mostly clothes, if whatever am buying doesn't go with about 3-5 items in my wardrobe, I wont't buy it, no matter the price, sale or not. I would only consider buying it if I need it for a special purpose.
  3. BUY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD: This happens to many of us, not just with clothes and footwear, but basically with everything. When you go shopping buy what you can afford, afford means have enough money to pay for and still survive. There is a good shoe for $50, $100, $500, $1000, $5000. Everything has a price for every level, find your level and stick to it, ostentation has helped no one. When you upgrade financially everything upgrades as well, so wait for it.
  4. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: Over time I have come to realize that quality goes before quantity. It is advisable to go for the good than to go for the manageable. You get to save money when you buy things of quality and save yourself the stress of worry and repairs.
  5. MAKING CHOICES: This is one of the most difficult parts of shopping, getting to choose the best from the good. At this point you need to make considerations, as I said earlier, check if it is something you really need. It is also important to check other stores, check online stores also, choose the quality and price that best suits you. When you make all this considerations, you get to narrow it down to what you really want.
  6. BRANDS: I don't really focus on brands. I buy what I think is good and durable. Trying to impress or oppress by buying brands is not really a good idea. 
  7. SALES AND DISCOUNTS: Watch out for discounts and sales, everyone loves sales and discounts. Sign up and subscribe to notifications for sale alerts. Buying stuff on sale doesn't mean you are broke or poor, it is just maximizing the opportunity to buy what you need/want at a lesser price.
  8. INVEST IN A GOOD TAILOR: Find yourself a good tailor who understands you and the kind of things you like, very important.
  9. BE TRENDY: Last but not the least, be TRENDY!

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