by - 3/20/2016

This is a quick post from my group dinner last month. We decided cool it off, so
we planned a dinner, which went very well. We had lots of fun, ate, danced and took pictures.

The plan was for everyone to look simple, which I did although some people will disagree with me, but I think I did. I was to wear a white shirt and a black trouser, but I decided to spice it up with a red waist coat since it was a dinner and a black hat.

My group mates L-R: Chuba, Anthony, Uche, Frank, Daniel, Ibrahim, Fred,
Afrah, Karolina, Stephanie, Samira, Amina, Amba and Takwa
Thanks for passing by...

hat - asos
waist coat - Risach
shirt - Cedar wood state
pants - Denim co
shoe - asos
accessories - franklyn store

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