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There is this notion that guys are generally not neat and tidy. It has become accepted and many guys use that as an excuse. That is a lie, every living being has to be neat and tidy, including animals.

Who is a well groomed gentleman? A well groomed gentleman is that guy that takes his time to make sure he takes good care of himself, cleans well, dresses neatly and makes sure his environment is always neat and tidy. It's not only about appearing neat and clean, wearing some expensive perfume causing heads to turn when you pass by. If your environment is not neat and tidy, you are deceiving yourself and it's just a matter of time till your true self is revealed, I know some guys are pretty good, but trust me one day it will happen.

It actually takes nothing to look neat and tidy. If you love yourself enough I think it wouldn't cost you a thing to take out time everyday to take good care of yourself and your environment. Ladies love neat guys. It's very uncomfortable staying near a guy either with a body odor or a bad breath. As I said initially it doesn't cause a thing.

These simple ideas can help:

1) Bath: Having a nice bath at least once everyday, should be twice a day, but at least once everyday for a guy no matter how busy you are. Get yourself a nice quality bath soap or gel that smells good. Concentrate on your hair, the pubic region, axillary region. It's not a crime to bath as many times as possible in a day, it keeps you fresh and bathing relaxes you.

2) Cleaning the mouth: Bad breath is a crime to me, sitting close to someone with bad breath is the worst thing ever. It makes everyone around uncomfortable. I ask myself, if I feel so uncomfortable staying close to someone with bad breath how come they are okay with themselves. The truth is that many of them don't know.
Brushing the teeth in the morning can help a lot, cleaning the mouth after meals can help a lot, inhaling and exhaling air through the mouth often can help. It costs nothing, save your friends the trauma and discomfort.

3) Hair and beard: No matter the kind of hair you keep you should wash your hair thoroughly everyday. Dry your hair very well after washing, avoid using the wrong hair products, use the right hair products. A good shave is not a bad idea, also avoid wearing very tight hats/caps, allow air to get to the hair. The hair and beard is a major of part of your appearance keep it well maintained and attractive.

4) Underwear: Because it is called an under garment doesn't mean it isn't relevant. Guys should try their best to make sure they always have clean underwear on.

5) Manicure and Pedicure: Guys as well should take care of their nails, nails carry a lot of dirt and is the easiest way of getting dirt into the mouth. Trim them when they over grow, wash your hands regularly not only before and after meals.

6) Body Products: Use good body products, don't use any random product, some of them have dangerous chemical composition which causes irritation and may bleach the skin. Use the right products for a healthy skin.

7) Clothes: Everyone loves to look good. It is said that you are addressed the way you look. That is the first impression you make. Make sure whatever you put on can define you at anytime. Your clothes should be neat and well arranged, the whites should be separated from the colored while washing, dry them very well so they don't smell and arrange them neatly. Wear a cloth that fits your body, it shouldn't be too big or too tight, it makes you appear neat and collected.

8) Footwear: Many guys overlook their footwear, your footwear is a significant part of your outfit, a dusty shoe, a dirty sole and an untied shoe lace is inappropriate. Make sure your white shoe soles are always white and shinny, clean and polish your shoes regularly and make sure the shoe laces are always tied.

9) Perfume: This is the last but not the least. I made it the last because it is not really necessary. People think only a perfume can make you smell nice. A perfume can only conceal a body odor for a while. If you have a clean bath and use good body products you will always smell nice with or without a perfume. A guy however needs to have a good perfume you know, that's the gentleman charm. Be mindful of your choice of perfume and also you don't need to empty the perfume container at once, a good perfume will always prove itself even if you had just one spray.

With these simple ways we can all live neat, tidy, happy, attractive and healthy.

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  1. Please tell them dear, nice write up.

  2. This is what parents should be teaching their sons at an early age! I'm loving your website-keep it coming!