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Retro styles are styles of the past years, like styles of the 70's and 80's. I like retro styles, it's just unique and outstanding. Not everyone has the confidence to pull it off, people feel it's kind of old and not really needed. When I shop, I look out for retro stuff, most times they are of very good quality and sometimes more expensive. 

I pulled out some retro styles trending in today's fashion world

1) Shoes: I could remember when I was growing up we had this driver who wore this kind of shoes and it was always shinny, he really wore it for a long time, as I said earlier they are of very good quality. 

 These loafers are very nice, very detailed I can't pass by without checking it out anywhere I see them. Usually comes with a combination of tassels and brogue details, some come with only tassels and some others come without any. 
Brogues have always been in the game, all year all time. You will never go wrong with a brogue. Brogues come in three form, the quarter brogue, semi brogue and the full brogue. 

2) Hats: Hats are back to the game, back and better. Both on the side of the ladies and that of the guys. It gives you this Sherlock Holmes and Gatsby look with a suit or a blazer, but I bet you it's more interesting with a three piece.

3) Three piece:  Three piece dates back to 19th and 20th century, now we can see them trending today and has even gotten better, but I still respect the men that discovered this piece. It consists of a long sleeve shirt preferably, pants, waist belt/suspenders, tie, waist coat with pocket watch and fob and a suits with a pocket square, back then they wore it with hats and walking stick.

4) Suspenders: Suspenders come in two forms, those that are clipped and those that are buttoned. The clipped ones are more popular because not all trousers make provisions for the buttoned ones. We can see suspenders being worn in different ways today. People wear it with shorts, jeans and pants. 

5) Print shirts: What I love about print shirts is that it gives you liberty to combine the shirt with a wide range of colors.

6) Paisley ties: 

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