by - 7/26/2015

I take most of my pics on Sunday, because of church and its basically the only day to really have time to put pieces together *life of a medical student in Ternopil* . Also my Sunday outfit is usually a choir dress code. Am in the choir in my church and we have a dress code for every Sunday, so whatever I wear to church has to be in the code, but I try to fix myself and make it look nice. But some days we are allowed to freestyle, but that happens once in a blue moon lol.

I wore this to church in April and decided to share it here. I actually didn't know it was going to look good, because it was a choice I made in a rush. 

You could never go wrong with this combo. Ash, red, black and white. It could be worn differently, in one of my previous posts The Newspaper Outfit I wore the same colors in a different way. The blazer was black, ash waist coat, grey pants, a red tie and a black shoe.

I usually prefer suspenders on suits, but as I said I didn't have time on this particular day, but it appeared nice.

Thanks for checking me out....

Outfit Details:
Blazer- The Burton collection
Waistcoat- custom 
Chinos- Vickers
Shoe- Arber

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