I think I prefer life in the 70's and 80's

by - 7/01/2015

I think I prefer life in the 70's and 80's. I feel life was kind of better, more organized, less to worry about. People were more genuine and unique. I know someone could ask were you present back then? You don't need to have lived then to know, we can see from our parents and grandparents, from documentaries, movies and songs.

I will share my view on some specific aspects I think I would have preferred the 70's and 80's

1) FASHION: Am sure looking at Mom and Dads old pics from the 70's and 80's back in 2002 you would have laughed so hard. But today almost everything they wore those days are all trending today. My dads wedding suit and tie is exactly what a man wedding in 2015 would put on, a nice fitted single button black suit with a slim tie and pencil pants, with a well polished black brogues. 

Trending from way back for guys we have double breasted Blazers/suits, brogues, slim ties, paisley ties, 3 piece suits, vintage shirts, fedora hats, punk hairstyle, suspenders e.t.c
For the ladies I can't really name them but I'll try. The pumps, pip toes, clutch bags, flared skirts, fedora hats e.t.c We can see that these stuffs are all coming back, and they really look nice. 

2) MUSIC: I would prefer 70's-90's music in any genre any day any time to today's music. Music from people like James Brown, Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, Don Williams, Kenny Rogers, Whitney Houston, Micheal Jackson, Celine Dion, Osadebe, Bright Chimezie, Victor Uwaifo, Sweet Breeze, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Fela e.t.c When I listen to them I enjoy music, they got the vibe, the lyrics and the spirit. Am sorry to say but for me I think musicians of today just sing to make money, their lyrics all center on same thing, sometimes the lyrics don't make sense. My father greatly influenced my choice of songs, I like just a few songs of today.

3) GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS: I will be focusing on my country Nigeria on this. Tho politicians of then and now haven't really helped the country, but those who ruled my country back then had the passion to change the country, but coup, election annulments frustrated their efforts. Men like the Great Zik ( Nnamdi Azikiwe), Tafawa Belewa, Murtala Muhammed, MKO Abiola, Muhammadu Buhari. Today we have men and women going into politics for the purpose of self enrichment. They get into public office with the purpose of looting funds, putting their family members in strategic positions and running the country down. I saw a documentary on Nigeria from pre independence till the Late Yar'adua administration, I cried for my country, because you could see where things started falling apart and men and women in power folded their hands and allowed the Great Federal Republic of Nigeria to become a shadow of itself. Everyday we preach the young are the leaders of tomorrow and yet the youngest person in power is 35 years old. I know that one day Nigeria will come back to its stand.

4) MORALITY: This one is not arguable, my generation has lost it a long time ago. Morals and values have been dashed. We talk of dressing, respect, decency, honesty, gratitude, character. Bad is now the new good, things that were taboos then are now norms today. 

5) TECHNOLOGY AND MEDIA: It may be difficult for us to admit it but media is a major factor contributing to the degradation of our generation. Anything you want to become acceptable send it to the media and it's made. Bishop T.D Jakes said something, he said the reason people think gay is everywhere is because they are the ones in control of the media, they control the media and of course they will promote their course. It's almost impossible to see a movie without gay/lesbian characters. And we have accepted it because it's what we see everyday on TV. Terrorists use the media to recruit and perpetuate their evil agenda. Technology on the other hand is killing us rather than helping us, super cars are coming out more accidents are recorded, appliances with radiation killing our cells. Those days kids grew up like kids and grew into adults, but today it's virtually difficult to find an innocent kid. Technology and media has helped us but has equally contributed to the problems of today.

It's true we are evolving, making things better, becoming more aware and simplifying life, but we should also check the harm it poses to our world. We need to get it right, we need to get back to our senses and see things the right way and do them right as well.

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