You Covered Me...

by - 4/21/2014

I don't wanna sing the latest song
I don't wanna percolate the crowd
I just wanna make u smile

I don't care who thinks am right or wrong
I don't care who tries to calm me down
I just wanna praise you now

You covered me in me in the midst of it all
You loved me and gave me another chance
You saw my needs when others saw my faults
You forgave me

I don't have to listen for my name
They don't have to walk me down the isle
I just wanna make you proud
Should I make the hall of fame 
Or they save a special seat
I just hope that you'll be pleased

You covered me in the midst of it all
You loved me and gave me another chance 
You rescued me I was going to fall
You saved me
So in my life be glorified

You get the glory 
You get the praise 
You take the honor
I just wanna say THANK YOU...

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  1. Thanks Franklyn, been looking for this lyrics.

  2. Am so touched and inspired by your song, the has been on a steady rotation eversince I got it from a was written and sung for me.More grace Frank

  3. Hello franklyn, how do i get this song. "You covered me"

  4. My room mate played the video right before me, I didn't even remember until recently that I started soaking myself with the word of God and the Holy Spirit just laid it in my heart. Since then, I couldn't stop to myself to search for it.

  5. Thanks soooooooo much.i have been searching for this lyrics, whenever i listen to this song i feel something different.