High Heel Defect.

by - 2/12/2013

Do you like wearing heels? Please read this:
Prolonged wearing of high heels can cause a permanent damage like bunions, hammer toes, leg tendons. This are mainly caused due to pressure on ball of the foot. The higher the heels, the greater the pressure. This can also affect the knee and back. So if you wear high heels continuously, you are increasingly damaging your feet. If you love your health be cautious!

Hammer toe
Hammer toe
I'm not saying its bad to wear heels, NO, all I'm saying is that there are some damages caused by "Prolonged" wearing of heels; also remember the higher the heel, the greater the pressure.

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  1. Lolll...so you don't want me to wear heels again abi. Anyways good piece of information doc.