by - 10/23/2015

Hello guys, hope you are having a lovely day!

Today's post features stripped black suit I got from oggi, when I saw the suit I liked it immediately and of course I took it home. I think it goes with a lot of things. My initial plan was to wear it with a white shirt and the polka dot tie, but I wanted to add more color to the outfit, so I added the yellow waist coat.

I wanted to be as conservative as possible that was why I went with a polka dot tie.

I love accessories, they define what ever I wear, in this outfit I wore a fob chain for the first time, I always loved the look on three piece suits.

Details of the outfit, suit is from oggi, accessories are from asos, shirt is a gift from my dad, the shoe is from Northeimer and the waist coat was made by Risach.

Thanks for passing by...

What are your thoughts?

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