by - 10/03/2015

Hi guys, hope you are having a great weekend.

A quick post from my visit to Oxford circus. I just decided to look good no plan of taking photos, but the view was so cool so I seized the opportunity.

I love the sweater so much. It can go with a lot of things, it complements all the colors in the outfit.

The cold wasn't really much, so I went with the sweater instead of a jacket. I added the burgundy hat which is so cool with all the colors of the outfit.

The good thing about this outfit is that its realistic, all you need is a shirt, pants and sweater, accessorize it to your taste and you are good to go. Cool for guys and lady's.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for passing by...

Hat - Forever21
Shirts - Cedar Wood State
Sweater - Cedar Wood State
Pants - Oscar
Lapel pin - Asos
Shoe - Kiomi

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