by - 9/07/2015

Hi guys, yesterday was my birthday, it was really very nice I just thank God a lot for another year, I thank God for friends and family, the love and all, I never hexperrerit, my dad actually called me in the morning to sing for me lol, It was just so nice. I pray you guys will always have people to celebrate with you, thank you very much.

The beautiful thing was that it was on a Sunday, I can't remember the last time my birthday came on a Sunday. I went to church at Hillsong London and the service was awesome. After that my sisters friends took me for lunch at an African restaurant, very lovely meal I must confess. 

My sister had a surprise get together for me at night, it was so lovely, I don't want to go into details of the surprise but she got me. The cake was so beautiful, pictures are below, can't remember the last time I had a birthday cake.

Soooo for the birthday I decided to wear a burgundy suit in a casual way, with hat, Tee and sneakers. I wanted to look as casual as possible, tho London weather was cold but God sent the sun yesterday and the everyday rain gave me a free day to shine.

My sister and I

What are your thoughts?

Outfit Details
Primark suit
Topman Bow
New yorker Tee
Asos Hat and Sneakers

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